Initial Assessments and Reports

Before beginning sessions, I will complete an initial assessment and provide you with feedback about your child's speech and language development. I provide reports if needed and will use the results of the assessment to form reccomendations about

1) whether your child needs therapy,

2) frequency of therapy sessions,

3) goals for therapy.

Assessments take between 60 and 90 minutes and during this time I will talk to you and take a case history, and complete informal and formal language assessments with your child. Much of the assessment is play based and often children don't even realise that they are being assessed!

Speech and Language Therapy Sessions

I provide the speech and language therapy sessions in your child's home or educational setting. Sessions are typically 45-minutes long however can be longer or shorter depending on your child's needs.

During therapy sessions, I will target your child's areas of needs through a combination of play and structured activities. I love when parents join in sessions because it allows you to see what I am doing and carry through the strategies that I use during your daily routines. Near the end of each session I will summarise what we've done that day, and provide you with ideas for home practice for that week.

Additional Services Offered

  • Nursery and School observations to ensure that your child's educational setting is providing optimal speech and language facilitation for their needs

  • Training for teaching staff on inset days

  • ELKLAN training for teachers and teaching assistants

  • LEGO Therapy groups



LEGO Therapy Groups

I offer termly LEGO Therapy groups at schools for up to five children. LEGO Therapy is an evidence-based child-led social skills group intervention for children with social communication and language difficulties. If you are interested in running a LEGO therapy group at your school, please get in touch.

ELKLAN Training

I am a trained tutor for ELKLAN and I can run the training course for teachers and teaching assistants working with children from 5-11 years of age. Once trained, teaching staff who have taken the course:

  • Can liaise efficiently with the advisory support services
  • Share a common language which reduces the time needed to explain information and so improves efficiency
  • Understand why they are being asked to support a child in a specific way
  • Know how to modify their interactions with the children
  • Change the way they speak to children so they understand more of what is said
  • Use modelling to encourage talking
  • Understand the development of speech sounds and why children have problems, they are taught simple strategies to help the child.
  • Know how to support a child with interaction difficulties
  • Can manage some children themselves and know which need to be referred on for more assessment



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