Initial Assessments and Reports

Before beginning sessions, an initial assessment is completed in order to gain an understanding of your child's speech and language development. The initial assessment helps us decide:

1) whether your child needs therapy,

2) frequency of therapy sessions,

3) goals for therapy.

Assessments take between 60 and 90 minutes and includes a case history, and completion of informal and formal language assessments with your child. Much of the assessment is play based and often children don't even realise that they are being assessed!

Speech and Language Therapy Sessions

Therapy sessions will take place in your child's home or educational setting.

The structure of sessions will differ depending on a variety of factors including age of child, goals, and environment. Sessions typically involve parent coaching, play and structured activities, and a ton of fun!

Additional Services Offered

  • Daycare and school observations to ensure that your child's educational setting is providing optimal speech and language facilitation for their needs

  • Training for teaching staff on professional development days

  • LEGO Therapy groups


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