50% off (Jan 7) – Only $4.00

On the seventh of each month on Teachers Pay Teachers, the SLP community throw a sale.  Each SLP seller chooses an item in their store that is a ‘must have’ in their opinion and they reduce the price by 50%!  For shopaholics like me, these discounts are too great to pass up and I often end up adding valuable tools to my SLP toolbox without breaking the bank.

The downside to mass downloading is the mass prep that goes along with it.  Suddenly on the eighth of each month I have a pile of laminating, and cutting to do and in my busy schedule it can sometimes take weeks before the products are actually ready to use.

Enter the No Print phenomenon.  ‘No Print’ products are products that you can download, open on your iPad/tablet and use right away.  They are often interactive and in all cases, kids love them!  My good ol’ friend Google taught me how to create interactive PDFs which look and feel like an app but don’t require as much tech saavy.

My newest No Print product is called ‘Let’s Learn About Animals’ and it is the product that I am most proud of in my store at the moment!  It targets farm and zoo animal vocabulary, categorisation, memory, and reasoning skills.  Included in the product are two stories and two games.

The Farm Story and The Zoo Story:

Two stories which introduce common farm animals and zoo animals, and tells two to three facts about each animal.  These stories include cute graphics to keep children engaged, rhyme, and buttons on each page which give opportunities to predict which animal will be on the next page!


 This is a game in which the child is shown an animal and has to decide whether the animal is a ‘farm animal’ or a ‘zoo animal’ by tapping the respective buttons on the bottom of the screen. Each correct answer uncovers a piece of a puzzle, eventually revealing a mystery animal.  Have the child try and guess what the animal will be!

Guess Who: 

There are three categories within this game.  You can choose which category you want to play, depending on what you are targeting with your student. The three categories are ‘farm animals,’ ‘zoo animals,’ or ‘both.’  After tapping on one of the categories, the child is shown 6 boxes.  Each box represents a mystery animal within the category that you have chosen.  The adult or another student can read out the clues one at a time to the child who is guessing and the child must then guess which animal is being described.  The language used within this game is very similar to the stories.  Press ‘answer’ to reveal the answer and then move on to the next box.  Once the child has revealed all six animals, he/she has won!

Get your hands on this product tomorrow in the SLP Must Have Sale for only $4.00!

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SLP Must Have: Let’s Learn About Animals!