Services Offered

Initial Consultation

Before beginning sessions, an initial consultation is completed in order to gain an understanding of your child's speech and language development. The initial consultation helps us decide:

1) whether your child needs therapy,

2) frequency of therapy sessions,

3) goals for therapy.

We will spend 60 to 90 minutes together. I will ask you some quesstions and your child's communication skillls will be assessed using informal and/or formal methods. Depending on the age your child, much of the assessment is play based and often children don't even realise that they are being assessed!

Speech and Language Therapy Sessions

Therapy sessions will take place in your child's home or educational setting.

The structure of sessions will differ depending on a variety of factors including age of child, goals, and environment. Sessions typically involve parent coaching, play and structured activities, and a ton of fun!

Additional Services Offered

  • Report writing
  • Daycare and school observations to ensure that your child's educational setting is providing optimal speech and language facilitation for their needs

  • Training for teaching staff on professional development days

  • LEGO Therapy groups

  • Partnerships with pre-schools and schools

  • Social Skill groups

  • Much more! If you are looking for speech and language services, let's talk!

Areas I can support

Language Development

Helping young children acquire their first words, build longer sentences, and use a wider variety of vocabulary. I will empower you with the tools to help your child communicate more effectively with family, friends, and teachers.

Speech Sound Production

If your child has difficulty pronouncing certain sounds, or has unclear speech, they may benefit from speech therapy. I can assess and treat speech sound disorders that affect the clarity of your child's speech, including articulation, phonological disorders and Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS).

Augmentative an Alternative Communication (AAC)

AAC is a way of communicating without speech or with limited speech. AAC involves using pictures, symbols, gestures, signs, or devices that speak for you. I can help you find the best AAC system for your child's needs and teach them how to use it to express themselves effectively.

Stuttering / Fluency

Stuttering is a lack of fluency, or a difficulty speaking without halting, getting stuck, or repeating sounds. If your child is stuttering, I can provide your family and your child with strategies to help them speak more smoothly.

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Each child with Autism is unique and wonderful in their own way. Goals will be tailored according to each child's specific needs and will include but will not be limited to the areas listed above.

Much more

If you would like to work on something that is not listed on this page, please contact me for more information.

Let's talk !

I look forward to hearing from you and learning more about your child's communication needs.